Doubling the entitlement not the demand, it only changed who will be paying for the service

NDNA welcomed Childcare Minister Sam Gyimah’s comments last week and his pledge to support a workforce strategy.

Mr Gyimah spoke about the Government’s 30 hours funded childcare scheme at the Nursery World Business Summit in London, acknowledging it as a key issue for parents.

He also pledged to work with the sector to develop and workforce strategy.

Purnima Tanuku OBE, NDNA’s Chief Executive, said: “We are pleased that the Minister has acknowledged that the childcare debate has moved on – it’s about offering quality childcare as well as offering an incentive for parents to work.

“It is also important that he has committed to support the early years sector in funding, regulation and workforce. We look forward to working with him to develop a clear pathway for our practitioners and to put in place a clear strategy with key priorities to avert a looming recruitment crisis.

“Mr Gyimah has stated that the funded hours will be flexible to meet parents/ needs – something which private, voluntary and independent nurseries are already providing.”

The Minister said that doubling the entitlement didn’t necessarily double the demand, it only changed who will be paying for the service.

Purnima said: “What we don’t want to happen is to shift from parents paying the market rate for childcare to the Government paying current inadequate levels for these additional hours.

“We look forward to seeing the results of the Funding Review on November 25 as our sector and the future of childcare in this country hinges on the Chancellor giving nurseries a fair deal on hourly funding.

“We know from our research that demand is likely to increase, with 80% of parents planning to take up the full entitlement of funded hours.

“However, we are keen for quality not to be compromised in delivering the additional hours.”

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