LOtC with Educational Safety Surfacing

What is LOtC? 

LOtC, (Learning Outside the Classroom)is said to be an essential part of a child’s development and is supported with the Council for Learning Outside the Classroom. Learning Outside the Classroom, is exactly how it sounds – it’s about changing a child’s learning environment to keep them motivated and to introduce fresh educational values to their development.

From a day out to an hour spent in the play ground, LOtC can take place in many scenarios depending on time and budget. Play area safety surfacing could be the option for an outside the classroom exercise that’s a little more permanent and can be used through out the year.

How can LOtC be introduced with safety surfacing

safety surfacing is essential for any play area whether it be at a nursery or on a residential park. Rubber wetpour and rubber mulch are great options as they tend to meet British and European Standards with both minimizing injuries by absorbing impact from falls. They are both also slip resistant surfaces so that outdoor fun can be had throughout the year. Additional, fun graphics can be installed with in wetpour safety surfacing, so that learning can be taken outside the classroom.

Safety Surfacing Designs for LOtC

Wetpour designs can be manipulated to suit play areas of all sizes as well as age ranges. Shapes, numbers and letters are forever proving popular with nurseries and can be installed in a variety of colours – boosting education.

Complex shapes can also be installed which may even challenge nursery staff as a variety of games can be developed from this style of graphic. Targets tend to be a great example for this exercise.
Further graphics can involve shapes that represent animals - eve themes. The possibilities for wetpour designs are limitless!
To encourage physical activity, wetpour pathways, tracks and roads can create fun during exercise as well as stimulating imaginations.
Further reading on LOtC can be found here, whilst a variety of enlightening wetpour designs can be found in this gallery.

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