New free childcare could reduce places in nurseries

Parents of three and four-year-olds are set to see free childcare provision extended to 30 hours a week in 2017.

But the National Association of Head Teachers has said the plan could backfire after a survey revealed most schools with nurseries would be forced to cut places to accommodate children moving from a half to a full day.

The survey found some 80% of schools were subsidising their nurseries from main school budgets due to a lack of funding.

General secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers Russell Hobby, said: "The findings indicate a potentially perverse outcome. If it's not funded better there would actually be fewer children provided for.

"I don't think the government has thought through the full implications of that promise...

“Half of our schools say they can't increase the places they offer. The effect will be simply that they don't do it."

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