Summer holidays costing parents £2100

A recent pole by ASDAs Mumdex has showed mums expect to spend an average of £2,162 in an effort to keep their kids entertained during the break. On average, spending: 

Whilst most mums are being very savvy saving on childcare by getting help from friends, family members and neighbours, equating to saving £6.5 billion* on childcare.
The poll of almost 2,000 mums reveals that grandparents are picking up the bulk of the costs by providing an average of 24 hours of “free” childcare each week. School and community groups are providing an average of eight hours per week, other family members are providing six hours per week, childminders four hours per week, and neighbours and friends spare two hours of their time.

Faced with high expectations, associated costs of entertainment, and the pressure of calling in childcare favours from friends and family, the length of the school holidays also continues to be a hot debate – half of mums (55%) would like the Government to address this issue.
  • Almost a quarter (24%) of mums polled said that they want the Government to reduce the length of the summer holidays
  • One third (33%) agreed that the same amount of holidays should be spread more evenly throughout the year
  • Over a quarter of mums (28%) also said they would like the Government to further increase the number of free childcare hours over the summer holidays
Hayley Tatum, Asda’s Executive People Director, says: “The summer holiday provides families with the perfect opportunity to spend quality time together and it’s great to see grandparents at the heart of this. However, what mums are telling us is that more could be done to make the summer break less stressful through support with childcare and have called on the government to look into this, as well as a review of the summer break length.”

The Executive Principal of the Tall Oaks Academy Trust which oversees these two schools, Sharron Close, says: “Following a full consultation with all parents and staff some time ago, we decided to propose changes to the academic year at our schools.

“The feedback we received from parents was they wanted a shorter summer break with the holidays split over the year, hopefully giving an opportunity to have less expensive holidays alongside that, so our pupils will have four weeks this summer, and two one week breaks in the Autumn term.

“It is also a little acknowledged fact that some young children struggle to retain their learning during the long break and the data certainly seems to support that.”

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