What should you have in your Nursery Garden or Play area?

Now that the sun is coming out on a more regular basis, it's time to make more use of that outdoor space. Lets start by throwing some ideas around, check out EYFS Pintrest board with loads of great ideas. When coming up with ideas to use in your outdoor space let you creativity get the better of you. We really love the idea of using water bottles to create a flow of what where the children can watch the water fall.

We talked to Billy Bounce about their work and how they help nurseries all across the UK.

What are your tips for making an outdoor play area safe?

"Our wet pour and rubber mulch are great safety surfacing options to make any outdoor play area safe. They both have impact absorbing properties, so should trips and falls occur, injuries would be kept to a minimum. Wet pour safety surfacing can also coincide to FFH (Free Fall Height) of any play area equipment as we are able to install it in many thicknesses depending on the height of the equipment. Our rubber mulch on the other hand, is a great alternative to wood bark chippings! Made out of 100% recycled tyres, rubber mulch is bound together so it doesn’t move about like bark. Neutral colours can also be added to the mulch to brighten up an area. Both rubber surfaces are easy to maintain, anti-slip, pram friendly and last for many years!"

If a nursery is looking to refurbish their garden what are the 3 key things that should be in it?

  • An all year round safety surface suitable for all weather conditions like wet pour and not grass
  • Consider bright colours, patterns and shapes 
  • If you’re limited to space, incorporating games and graphics within your flooring can not only encourage play, but can also boost educational values.

What's the most creative thing you have seen in an outdoor play area?

"As our wet pour isn’t pre-fabricated like other flooring options, you can incorporate almost any design or theme! We have installed many creative safety surfaces for outdoor play areas around the world and our most popular designs have included bold, bright graphics including letters and numbers, animals and even rainbows!"

"This project was quite a large area so as you can imagine, if the surfacing had been black, the playground would have been dull and uninspiring, whereas now it’s still bright on rainy days! It has to be one of our most creative installations as the shapes and graphics let the children run wild with their imaginations!"

If you have any further questions about safety surfacing, please don’t hesitate to contact our team on 01282 414131 or visit www.billybounce.co.uk – we’ve been installing outdoor play area surfacing for over 20 years!

When designing your outdoor space you should constantly have health and safety on your mind. Bring lots of bright colour to the space, whether is it through flowers, painted fences or colourful flooring. The children will loose them selves in their imagination and love the new outdoor space. Make sure you make the most of the good weather because it never seems to last in the UK.

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