Struggling to remember staff, parents or childrens names?

Do you have a habit of not being able to remember peoples names? You are not alone, however after working with larger groups of people for a while you find your own way of remembering peoples names and find it easy.

Building links between people is very important when trying to remember names. This not only helps you remember but it gives you a back up option of simply asking the person that is at the other end of the link.

When being introduced to someone you need to take this chance. Depending on the circumstance you may have already been told the name of the person or are about to find out from them.

Benjamin Levy, author of Remember Every Name Every Time, advocates the FACE method: “focus, ask, comment and employ.” Focus: Lock in on the person’s face. Ask: Inquire which version he prefers (“Is it Ted or Theodore?”). Comment: Say something about the name and cross-reference it in your head (“My college roommate’s name was Ted.”) Employ: Put the name to use–”Nice seeing you, Ted”–to drive it home.

Some people also find that carrying around a note pad or making notes in their phone is helpful. After your introduction you can make a note of the persons name something about what/who they look like and something about them like what they do or what relation to what child do they have.

When trying to Remember childrens names often they adopt habits which you can easily associate their name to such as Arron who plays with his ears all the time, or you can associate a toy with someone such as Lauren who always plays with the bunny.

If everything is failing to jog your memory then just ask, as embarrassing as it is, it's better then getting their name wrong.

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