How to stop a young child from crying

Crying children, we've all been there and if you haven't don't worry you time will come. Every child is different, they will cry for different reasons so finding out why the little boy or girl is crying is the first part of the solution.

First you need to be at their level, both physically and emotionally. You need to speak in simple language and ask the child about what happened and how they feel/think about what has happened.

"Do you think Jimmy stepped on your toes on purpose?"

"Did you do something Sarah wouldn't of liked first?"

Make sure you fully understand what has happened but don't go into unnecessary detail. You also need to remain honest when talking to them, don't make a promise you know you can't keep. If they say something like they hate the sand pit, they don't really hate the sand pit they have just had a bad experience and they will be back playing with sand shortly. When they say that they hate an object/place/person, you need to be able understand what the problem really is.

Make sure they know that you know what has happened so ask them a question confirming everything they have told you. Let them know its OK to feel sad and even cry a little. Once they seem to be getting a bit happier refocus their attention onto something else such as a toy or a friend.

Remember when the child has stubbed their toe on the door, that door is very naughty. Had any interesting experiences you think others can learn from? Let us know is the comments below.

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