Government’s welfare reforms could leave parents in poverty

The new Government’s welfare reforms have a few imbalances and if they are not addressed then according to the charity 4Children, more parents will be at risk of poverty.

Prime Minister David Cameron said in a speech “We need to move from a low-wage, high-tax, high-welfare society to a higher-wage, lower-tax and lower-welfare society.”, confirming his commitment to reducing the country’s overall welfare budget. Child benefits are not going to be bit by the £12 billion cuts the Government are looking to make. 4Children are calling on the Prime Minister to realise that other safeguards are needed if children are not going to feel an impact.

Chief executive of 4Children, Imelda Redmond OBE, issued a response to David Camerons speech, “The extension of the Troubled Families programme to 400,000 families is welcome – it should mean families are supported earlier, before crisis point, when our chances of making a real and lasting difference to their lives are greater.

"We welcome the Prime Minister’s vision for a higher paid economy but it is clear – any reduction in tax credits, which support parents, must be met by a corresponding rise in salaries – otherwise we’ll be pushing more families into poverty and hardship.

"After the worrying news that we are set for the biggest rise in child poverty in a generation, any cuts to the welfare budget which lead to increases in child poverty are self-defeating and will end up costing more in the long term. Because child poverty not only harms children’s lives when they’re young, it has a lasting, damaging impact which can cut off their life chances and stop them reaching their potential as adults.

"If the Prime Minister wants to support families he should protect children’s benefits in the short term and, looking to the future, aim for a triple lock on children’s benefits – offering children the same protection as we do to pensioners."

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