7 Ways to keep your staff happy and interested

Keeping your staff happy is more important than you may think, research shows that staff are up to 12% more productive if they’re happy. If your staff are happy then the children are going to be happy meaning their parents are going to be happy. We are going to run through just seven great ways to keep your staff not only happy but interested in what they are doing and how they can improve.

1. Staff members need to be able suggest ways to make improvements to the company. Anything form having a bowl of fresh fruit on the staff room table each day, to bringing up safety issues. When employees have a voice and see their ideas actioned they tend to be a lot happier.

2. Make sure you know what your staffs goals are, because if they are looking to start their own   nursery in the future then bring them in to help with decision. This other point of view can help with big or small decisions and help develop the individual in the work space. If you know what their future plans are then it will be easier to assign tasks as you will know what they enjoy doing.

3. Surprise them, whether it is with a reward or just a new feature. Everyone loves new surprises, from a bonus to a new coffee machine. This will get staff talking positively about the company and may bring up new ideas they have, giving you more opportunity to develop.

4. Give your staff the opportunity to expand their knowledge. If the company is paying for them to go on a course or go to a conference they are far more likely to go to and enjoy the experience. They can then teach the others about what they have learnt and they will feel more passionate about it because they have enjoyed the experience. This makes your employees feel valued as you are investing into them, meaning they will be less likely to leave.

5. Thank your staff when they do something well, whether it is by email or in person. They will appreciate it. Even small things like staying an extra 10 minutes to help pack up or to help with filing, for them knowing that you appreciate the work they do can make a huge difference to how they work.

6. Keep your staff informed with future progressions and potential developments coming soon. Keeping your staff in the know can lead them to bringing up new idea that can help with the latest projects and it makes them feel like they are part of the company rather then someone just working for you.

7. What's on your walls? Through out your nursery there is probably lots of bright colours and an enjoyable working environment. However what are your staff areas like? Having a well designed work space is key for moral, evening having your bathrooms with multicoloured walls and pictures in them. Don't cram every space you can find with decorations but hanging up pictures and using vibrant colours on the walls can really make someone smile when they walk into a room.

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