The Green Party on Childcare

Nurseries and children’s centres will be monitored for quality of care and the information made readily available. Special attention will be given to ratios of adult carers to children. Nursery staff will be given adequate training, including training in nutrition.

Nannies will be registered on a national register, enabling families to check the suitability of their potential employee. The treatment of au pairs will be regulated to stop them from being exploited by their employers.

Children’s centres will engage in active outreach work to make contact with socially excluded families to ensure that their children's development is not endangered and to encourage the parents and carers to access free local activities for children.

Children with special needs will have the enhanced level of care they need, with all of their carers given up-to-date disability equality training so that they can care for the child in the way that suits him/her best.

The Green Party has promised to give free universal early education and childcare from the age of one up to the age of six. It would like to see children starting school at the age of seven and Early Years Teachers having qualified teacher status.


We will be posting more about how the other parties are going to tackle Childcare soon.  

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