New Early Intervention Matters Campain by The EIF

I expect you have already heard that the conservatives won the election. But what does this mean for childcare? David Cameron has said he will extend the number of free hours from 15 to 30 hours a week, equivalent to £5,000 a year. It would only be available to working families where all parents in the household work even if part-time (from eight hours a week). However this wouldn't come into effect until 2017.

Conservatives now in full control for the next five years, the Early Intervention Foundation (EIF) is holding the campaign called ‘Early Intervention Matters’. To take part in the campaign which will go live on today at mid-day, you just need to go and click ‘support with Twitter’ to sign up.

A spokeswoman for the EIF said: “In England and Wales, we spend £17 billion per year on addressing damaging problems that affect children and young people such as mental health problems, going into care, dropping out of school, unemployment and youth crime.

“Early intervention is about taking action as soon as possible to tackle problems for children and families befe they become more difficult to reverse.

“To reduce this cost and prevent substantial suffering and wasted potential, early intervention is more crucial than ever.”

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