UKIP on Childacer and The Family

Supporting children and families is a pre-requisite for a strong and healthy society.

Families are important, in all their diversity, and we want to help create a society in which they thrive, and where childcare provision is affordable and accessible for all parents, whatever their socio-economic status.

We will:

  • Honour existing childcare voucher and tax-free childcare schemes
  • Extend these existing schemes to informal, non-Ofsted registered childminders
  • Offer wrap-around childcare before and after school for every school-age child
  • Amend planning legislation to ensure more nurseries are built to expand childcare places
  • Give parents easy access to emergency childcare through their local authority
  • Legislate for an initial presumption of 50-50 shared parenting in child residency matters, and give grandparents visiting rights
  • Initiate a thorough review of childcare and child safeguarding systems.


We will be posting more about how the other parties are going to tackle childcare soon. 

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