New mark-making training to help develop writing skills

Nursery staff from the Kiddi Caru nursery group have received specialist training on mark making to promote nursery childrens’ curiosity and interest in writing.

During training the 25 attending staff discussed in detail key ways to engage boys in the idea of mark making to boost their enthusiasm in mark making.

Other areas explored were based around encouraging parents to write with children at home. Staff were also taught about ways to encourage mark making during the nursery day within a nursery environment. With new confidence, staff will pass on their knowledge to other lower level staff members to ensure all nursery workers understand the importance of writing and to build on phonics training carried out in 2014.

Sue Meekings, director of Childcare at Kiddi Caru, said: “After the success of our Phonics training course last year we wanted to look at how we can take this to the next level. Nicky has created a wonderful stage two training course for us with this mark-making training.

“It has been so important to us that the courses have been introduced in this way. Basically if the children can’t say or talk it they can’t write it. As children develop speaking and listening skills they build the foundations for literacy, for making sense of the verbal and visual signs ultimately for reading and writing. The Phonics training ensured that we have this in place and that we can now actively support our children with their mark making work.”

The training was carried out by Nicky Bland who created the stage two literacy module after the success of the phonics training held in 2014.


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