Just one in five parents read a bedtime story

Alton Towers Resort research has found that although three-quarters of parents feel that reading to their children every night is incredibly important, but just one in five do so.

Storytelling has been around for thousands of year and is a great way to pass on experiences. Its an age-old bedtime ritual that most parents are starting to overlook, as a result of work and household chores, leaving them little time for a story at the end of the day. 71% of parents feel it is an added stress to their day, according to this study.

It’s not just the stress or lack of time but also a lack in confidence in their own ability to read to them. One in two mums blame their poor imagination on their irregular bedtime readings, while one in ten men say their poor reading skills make them embarrassed to read to their kids.

Alton Towers Resort is releasing a new children’s book The Enchanted Village to hopefully change how parents feel about bedtime stories. Written by HarperCollins author and former Children’s Book Award winner Jeanne Willis, the children’s tale will be published in April 2015.

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