How to keep the ultimate happy customer

When running a nursery a manager must ensure not only the children are happy but also the parents, as ultimately they are the customer who is paying for the service. With some parents it may be solely reliant on how happy the children are, but many will be looking at the complete ‘parent’ experience.

Parents will want to see the paperwork and planning behind the nursery experience for their child. Indicators such as policies, training and reports from external parties like OFSTED are very important to today’s generation of parents. Ensure all Health & Safety regulations are in place as obviously this is one of their highest concerns.

The nursery environment is also key, parents may bring their child when visiting to gage their reaction. Therefore create an exciting place for the child, you can read our tips for creating a stimulating environment here, if the child is hesitant to leave the parent will note this.

Try to make the parent feel like a partner, this will build their confidence in you. Through effective communication channels and by asking what they want from you, you will be able to provide effective customer service. And when managing concerns or complaints this will place you in good stead.

Parents will naturally always be amazed by their own child’s achievements and with such strong development programmes in place make sure you shout about them. The nature of the planned activities mean so many ‘firsts’ will happen when in your care, it may seem routine to you as a carer but they are milestones for parents that will reflect well on the nursery.

As a whole it is crucial to remember that the parent is the ultimate customer. The child’s safety and happiness is imperative to the parent experience but you must also consider how you communicate to parents and show progression in their child's development.

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