Be the best nursery manager with our top tips

Running any business can be hard work but when you’re in charge of a nursery you have children, parents and a team to keep happy. To ensure you deliver the best provision to each of them follow our top tips below:

Instill regular training and development programmes for your staff. Having highly skilled and motivated team members will keep them engaged and keep your staff retention high.

Don’t lose why you became a nursery manager. Escape from behind your desk every day, help out the team and spend time with the children.

Work with parents to understand their needs from you and work with your team to ensure all practices are followed.

Communication is key. Daily team meetings before the nursery opens to keep everyone in the loop on any changes or challenges with children is highly beneficial. You should also focus on your communication with parents and read our blog on ‘How to keep parents informed’.

Have processes in place to help you manage your workload. Making each team member responsible for an area of the nursery provides trust in them and also allows you to get on with other management tasks.

Be adaptable and ready to take on any challenge that arises, whether it be an unwell child, cleaning, fixing things or counselling a team member or parent.

Get the right policies in place for everything from opening and closing times to dealing with emergencies.

Have fun! Get the children and staff having fun and even have days where the parents can join in for special occasions such as Easter and Christmas.

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