Teaching Children How To Blow Their Noses

During the winter months, blowing your nose seems to be an all too frequent task, although a relatively simple task (not for Joey Essex). However, teaching a child how to blow their nose isn’t always easy.

If your child already has a cold or runny nose then let’s hope they learn quickly so their sleeves don’t get completely covered in snot!

There are several steps to teaching your child how to blow their nose. Starting with the concept of blowing out of their nose; if they’ve been having swimming lessons they should already know how to do this. A good method we found to teach your child to blow out of their nose was to have them hold a piece of paper flat with both of their hands by their chin, drop a feather on to the paper and ask your child to blow out of their nose to move the feather. This skill can then be easily transferred to blowing into a tissue.

Make sure they don’t blow too hard as some medical research indicates that blowing your nose creates more pressure on the nasal cavities then sneezing or coughing.

The best way to make sure your nose is cleaned out is to blow your nose one nostril at a time. You need to start by holding the tissue under their nose but not pinching the nose, and gently pushing in one nostril at a time and getting them to blow out.

All that is left is to practice, and the case of washing their hands immediately after, to help prevent germs from spreading.

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