Managing your Nursery Staff

The staff at a nursery can either make or break the overall experience for a child. If your staff members are not happy and confident in their job, it is likely that both the parents and the children will pick up on this. Therefore, it is important that you manage your team as best you can so you have a strong working relationship. Follow our top tips on how to manage your staff.

Regular training

Keeping your staff members up to date with the latest procedures and qualifications is an imperative part of making sure your nursery runs properly. Prioritise renewing staff members’ first aid qualifications and any other training when they expire. Your team needs to be constantly learning, just like the children in your nursery.

Organise your timetables

Create a rota when staff members are working in advance to allow you to prepare cover in case staff members call in sick. Arrange staff holiday dates within it and ensure you always have the correct staff to child ratio.

Nursery procedures

In order to make your nursery run as smoothly as possible, put procedures in place for everything from opening and closing to dealing with emergencies. Create a document with these procedures outlined and give them to all of your team.


It is essential that all team members are kept informed of any changes or recent developments at your nursery. Hold a daily team meeting before your nursery opens to keep everyone in the loop.


Giving staff members more responsibility will help them to feel like a valued member of the team. Offer them extra jobs to reduce your workload so you can concentrate on other important aspects of running a nursery.

Be there for your team

A strong team is a strong nursery. Make sure you let them know that if they ever need to talk about any issues they have, you are happy to listen.

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