How To Recover After Losing A 'Good' OFSTED Rating

Sometimes, running a nursery can be stressful. And isn’t it always the way that when you are having a bad day, the OFSTED inspector comes round to view your nursery. Occasionally, this can lead to a poor OFSTED rating. The question is, how do you recover?

Firstly, let’s identify why a nursery could be deemed inadequate by OFSTED. According to the educational body, a nursery could be judged to be inadequate because one or more of the key areas of its performance require significant improvement. These key areas are:
  • The achievement of children at the nursery
  • The quality of teaching in the nursery
  • The behaviour and safety of pupils at the nursery
  • The quality of leadership in and management of the nursery
Therefore, in order to recover from a poor rating, nursery owners need to make sure they focus on each of these aspects before their next inspection. According to The National Audit Office, “Around 85% of schools recover after being put into Special Measures, benefiting from good support from OFSTED.” Therefore, nursery owners can feel assured in the knowledge that if they receive a low rating, OFSTED will be there to support their recovery and help them achieve a better rating in their next inspection.

The good news is that having a low OFSTED rating does not always deter parents away from choosing to send their child to your nursery. Walberton Pre School owner Mandy Foulds has said that the feedback she gets from parents is that they don’t necessarily look at what a nursery’s OFSTED rating is. “They often choose to send their child to a particular nursery due to; how the staff treat the children, whether the nursery feels safe, recommendations from other parents, and proximity to their homes,” she says.

The conclusion is that you can often recover from having a poor OFSTED rating, with the help of your staff members and the educational body itself.

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