How to keep parents informed

When running a nursery, you will often have several things to communicate to parents. You can keep parents up to date with what’s going on at your nursery in a number of different ways.

Verbal Communication

At the beginning or end of the day, it is important to have a catch up with parents to discuss how the child is getting on at your nursery. Parents may have concerns or issues they would like to talk to you about and it is often best to do this in person so you can give the parent your full attention. However, it can be difficult to chat to every single parent so make sure you rotate which parents you speak to daily so you can talk to every parent at least once a week.

Printed Newsletters

Manager of Walberton Preschool Mandy Foulds says: “We have a newsletter every half term that I print out for everyone, and then I print extra letters about nativity dates, sports day and other events.” Keeping parents informed on a monthly basis means they will be aware of key dates in advance and can make arrangements if need be.

Electronic Newsletters

Printing out lots of paper can be time consuming and costly, so email newsletters are a great solution. Make a note of each parent’s email address so you can send them updates as and when you need to. We recommend putting several topics into one email so you are not bombarding their email accounts and aim to email 2-3 times a month.


Having a website is a great way to communicate updates and adding a blog is the perfect solution as parents can see what you’ve been up to at a time that suits them. It’s also a good way to appeal to new parents and showcase your nursery in its best light. Include your correct contact information, pictures of your facilities, information on your OFSTED reports, your team and their qualifications.

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