Has the peanut allergy been cured

Researchers from Australia have been carrying out a study over 18 months, where 28 children aged one to ten participated to see if the peanut allergy can be cured.

The study monitored the children as they were given peanut flour in increasing amounts, in addition to regular amounts of probiotic Lactobacillus rhamnosus. At the end of the trial, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute found that 23 of the children were able to eat peanuts as part of their daily diet. Could this just be a placebo affect? They covered this question by also monitoring a second group of children who were given a placebo treatment. Despite this, one child taking the placebo was strangely able to eat peanuts at the end of the study.

Lead researcher Professor Mimi Tang said the study results are extremely exciting as they could potentially provide an effective treatment for food allergy. She warned, however, against trying the treatment at home, stating ‘In the study the combined delivery of probiotic and oral immunotherapy was a safe and effective treatment for peanut allergy; however it is important to point out that this treatment must be only be given under close medical supervision as we are giving peanut to children who are allergic to peanut, and children did have allergic reactions.’

Half a million people in the UK have a peanut allergy and has been increasing over the last 2 years. The results of the next part of the study will hopefully take a step further towards finding a cure for peanut allergies and maybe we will one day have a future where peanut allergies are rare.

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