Ferryhill Nursery's e-portal is a UK first

26 year old owner of Child's Play Private Nursery in Ferryhill, County Durham has invested in an innovative e-portal which enables parents to feel more involved and informed on learning, progress and child development.
By utilising the potential of the internet and smartphones, then providing parents with their own usernames and passwords, the nursery has been successful in ensuring that parents feel part of their child's learning journey, a result well worth the £3,500 investment.

Owner and Manager Laura Leigh Wayman comments: "Engaging parents and families in nursery life isn't always the easiest of tasks, especially when they are dashing to the car in the morning to do the daily commute to work or dashing in to collect their child (ren) at the end of the day when they are ready to go home: at these times some of the 'magic' moments get lost in translation as their minds are else where.

The login launched back in March 2014 and to date has been a major success- 98% of our families access and use the domain (often on a Sunday evening) reading learning journey observations, commenting on progress or uploading home learning images.

I was amazed to see one of our fathers accessing his daughter's login domain for Italy where he is currently working. He often comments that this new facility is a nice reassurance that everyone is happy back home and that his little girl is thriving."

As well as keeping parents informed they are also able to upload their own home learning activities and use a private messaging system to keep in touch.

The secure system, established with all safeguarding and legalities in place, allows for logging of each child's observations, as well as assessments, photos, progress summaries, video, magic moments and many more, with parents notified of each update.

Check out their website for more information: www.childsplayprivatenursery.co.uk

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