Top 5 reasons parents choose a nursery

Choosing a nursery is a daunting process for parents, and nursery managers are tasked with the job of making their nursery stand out. So what do parents look for in a potential nursery and what can managers do to meet these demands?

Safety and trust

Ultimately parents want to know their children are safe and happy. They need to trust that a nursery will keep dangers out of their child's way and comfort them in times of need.

Comfortable environment that fosters development

Nursery is a stepping stone between staying at home and attending school for a child, therefore it must be a comfortable environment that nurtures development.

Experience and reputation

In today’s world reputation is everything, whether it is through word of mouth or through a nursery’s OFSTED ratings many parents will base their choices on the experience and reputation of staff at a nursery.


For purely practical reasons a nursery will not be suitable to parents if the location does not suit their needs. Many parents will be returning to work or have older children attending school and so may choose a nursery based on convenience.

Gut instinct

Above all parents will trust their gut instinct. A nursery will be responsible for looking after their most precious thing and hence a parent’s intuition will be imperative in their choice.

These are the key factors that a nursery manager should consider when introducing new parents to their nursery. A good nursery will meet these demands easily but it is about conveying it to the parents and making them feel comfortable as the customer. If you are able to tick these boxes you will be the first choice nursery for the parent and their child.

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