Is Childcare Increasing In Price?

Employers for Childcare are a charitable group that has been caring out research on the price of childcare since 2010. Their results from 2014 show a 2.5% price increase of full-time childcare that is almost double compared to the 1.3% steady increase since 2011. A full time day nursery place costs on average £156 per week.

Whilst a £4 increase may not seem like a huge amount of money that’s an extra £204 per year to send your child to a day nursery. Child-minding costs have also increased. A full time place with a child-minder has also increased by 3.7%, which now means that the average cost for a week is £167. This has gone up from £161.

On a positive note breakfast clubs and decreased their prices over the last year, it has dropped on average £4 from £34. After school clubs have also decreased their prices over the last year from £84 down to £83, every little helps.

This survey also looked at the amount of parents that use formal or informal childcare, formal being a child-minder, day nursery or out of school club. 45% of parents said that they used just formal childcare, 39% said they used both formal and informal. 16% of parents didn’t use formal care at all and 5% of that accounts for parents looking after their children themselves. If you are unsure about what is more cost efficient Employers for Childcare survey found that informal care costs £85 per week and formal costs £173 and a mix of the both costs £122 per week.

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