How to reassure parents that your child will be safe at nursery

Every nursery owner will know that parents can find leaving their child in someone else’s care daunting. Parents want to know their child will be looked after properly and that they will be safe.

Mandy Foulds, who has run Walberton Preschool for 14 years says; “Safety is a main part of our job. We find that a parents’ main concern is whether their child be safe and happy. They have to trust you in order to leave the most precious thing in their life under your responsibility.” So how do nursery owners reassure parents that their nursery is safe?

Mandy and her team make sure all doors are locked and that there are no dangers that could cause a child to injure themselves. “We also build parents’ confidence by the relationship we have with the children”, she says. “Parents want to know that if their child hurts themselves, you will comfort them. They want a nursery to be a home from home, and know that our staff treat their child with care.”

Having a good OFSTED report may also reassure parents that your nursery is a safe environment for your child to learn in. As well as making sure you have the right child to staff ratio.

St Richard’s Nursery in Chichester helped mother Jo Smith overcome the worry of leaving her child by assigning a personal key worker to her child who makes sure they are happy at nursery. “We also get a lot of feedback from staff who let us know how our child is getting on and what they are enjoying about the experience,” says Jo.

By ensuring you have practical safety procedures in place, and making sure your staff are friendly and caring, you will help parents to realise that their child will be safe at your nursery.

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