Crucial elements in preparing children for primary school

The first day of primary school is a big day for both parents and children. As a nursery you will be on hand to support parents embark on this journey and your business will act as the perfect transition. As a parent, preparing a child themselves is no easy task and that’s where your skills will support them too.

Highlighting the benefits of what your nursery or preschool offers in terms of development can be a deciding factor on whether a parent chooses to send their child to you. Nursery allows interaction with other children and learning through games creates a strong foundation for them to springboard into school.

Speaking with one nursery owner, Mandy understands that preparing children for school is a fundamental role of any nursery. “Our older children learn to stand up for the register and put their hand up when they’d like to say something,” says Mandy. “We teach them how to share and work in teams and pairs. They also learn how to go to the toilet on their own and dress themselves.”

Another area that your nursery should ensure children and parents are supported with is separation. This could be the first time they have been apart so allowing them to leave their child for an hour or two at first with a member of staff they’ve met, followed by longer visits will help. Having children that are potty trained is a benefit but as you know some will need additional support and whilst at nursery you will eventually guide them to learn to put their hand up and take themselves to the toilet. Some children may even require additional support in learning how to eat with a knife and fork. Communicate this with parents so that they are aware they will need to continue this development at home. A well run nursery with supportive parents is the best way to prepare children for their journey to primary school.

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