Creating a stimulating environment in your nursery

When children are placed in a stimulating environment they engage, develop and reach their potential. These early years are the time that children absorb and learn so much information so ensure your team are well equipped to encourage a stimulating environment.

The National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) provide a training programme to ensure you can provide a welcoming environment to children and families and they teach you how to:

Maximise your nursery environment for play and learning opportunities

Plan the layout of the nursery to promote a wide range of learning activities that are easily accessible and encourage curiosity, exploration and investigation

Create a safe learning environment for children to play and learn that meets health and safety requirements

It is not only the visual stimulation that children require but the creative engagement from your nursery team. Developing learning tactics through music, games and art can activate childrens’ imagination and involve them in activities that they may not get the chance to be involved with at home.

Sensory learning is also important and having these activities helps children fine tune their motor skills, coordination and concentration. Using a mix of textures such as water, sand, earth, paint and jelly can teach children how different substances work and move. Inform parents about the activities you run at nursery as it will help them come up with more creative techniques at home.

Keeping these standards high can contribute to your OFSTED reports and are also inline with the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework that is statutory for those developing and caring for children from birth to the age of five. Make sure you’re up to date and download the latest copy here.

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