3 Ways to build trust with prospective parents

The goal for a nursery manager when recruiting prospective parents should be to build trust. In order to generate new business parents should feel assured when leaving their children in your hands, ensuring you can care for their safety and happiness.

Safe & sound

One nursery owner stated, “Safety is a main part of our job. We make sure all doors are locked and that there are no dangers that could cause a child to injure themselves.” If when selecting a nursery a parent were to visit your premises, they will not be filled with confidence if this basic requirement is not satisfied; therefore it is imperative that safety comes first.

The dream team

Your staff should aim to build a relationship with the children and parents. St Richard’s Nursery in Chichester assigns each child a key worker, this is very beneficial as it ensures the child has a special relationship with at least one staff member and makes sure they are happy. Furthermore hiring an experienced and friendly team will foster trust.

Provide regular updates

All staff should take time to provide feedback to the parents when possible, both formally and informally. Parents want to be updated on not only the essential information such as their child’s general well being but also on the development that has taken place. It is valuable when building trust to inform parents how you provide formal feedback, for example through parent evenings, but also highlight that staff will communicate feedback daily.

By ensuring these key factors are highlighted when welcoming potential customers to your nursery you will be able to build trust with an aim to win their business.

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